Resident Agent Service

Nevada LLC

Every Nevada corporation must have a resident or registered agent. This is required by Nevada Revised Statutes (NRS) 78.090. A resident/registered agent must have a street address in Nevada for the service of process. The street address of the resident agent is the registered office of the corporation in this state.

All legal process and any demand or notice authorized by law to be served upon a corporation may be served upon the resident agent of the corporation. Acting as resident agent is the minimum requirement for any Nevada corporation. As your resident agent, we will hand deliver your Articles of Incorporation for filing, which you have filled-in yourself, at no extra charge. Filing fees are required by the Secretary of State. This fee is not included in our fee, nor are business license fees.

We also forward all official mail from government agencies at no additional charge.

The resident agent may also perform the following:

  • Act as the transfer agent of any corporation.
  • Transfer, register, and countersign certificates of stock, bonds, or other evidence of indebtedness, and act as agent of any corporation for any purpose required by statute.
  • Act as Trustee under any mortgage or bond issued by a corporation.
  • Please note that the services listed above (#1-3) may require additional fees other than the basic resident agent fee. Other services available for an extra charge.

We recommend a Corporate Record Book to establish legal documentation of a true Nevada corporation. There is a one-time fee for this.

The price for Resident Agent Service is $85.00 a year.

If your small business is at a point where revenues are steadily growing and the future is looking promising you will likely want to consider forming a corporation. The three most common types are type s corporations, type c corporations, and limited liability corporations. One reason you will want to form a corporation is because this will limit your personal liability for actions taken by the business. For example, if your business is not incorporated and a judgment is made against the business, your personal assets are in jeopardy. When a business is incorporated under one of the three types above, the judgment would only be against the business assets, not your personal assets. There are now many people who will form a Nevada corporation, instead of their home state, because of tax advantages. This requires that you have a Nevada registered agent with a Nevada physical address. You can read more below about how to find a Nevada registered agent and utilize the services they offer.Hide

Because of the lenient rules and regulations governing a Nevada corporation many business owners choose to incorporate in this state. This is a perfectly legal and acceptable business practice which is a sound financial decision which will help you to keep more of your hard earned money. You simply need to fill out the paperwork for incorporating as a Nevada business and attain the services of a Nevada registered agent to hand deliver the documents to the necessary agency. To learn more about the specifics surrounding how you can benefit from having a Nevada registered agent please feel free to call us today.

This is the website for Silver Shield Services Inc, which provides Nevada registered agent services to businesses all throughout the US. They also provide a variety of other services which help small business owners to incorporate in Nevada, thus allowing them to take full advantage of the business friendly environment of this state. While the process of incorporating your business can seem like an overly complex task, Silver Shield Services will walk you through all of the necessary steps and help you with everything you need along the way. Once your business is incorporated in Nevada they also provide services which will help you to maintain your incorporated status in the state.

While some businesses simply want to take advantage of the tax and financial benefits of having a corporation in Nevada, there are others which will want to have office space in the state. We can help with this as well. They have office space in Carson City, Nevada which has all of the office equipment and workspace needed by any modern company. You can choose different service plans through the website above which allow you access to this office space when you are in the area. They also provide other services such as phone answering service, with a local Nevada phone number and they will answer the phone using your company name.

Please feel free to migrate the website above for more details about how your business can benefit from having a Nevada registered agent and incorporating in the state. While at the website you can view more specific information on what type of corporate structure is best for your situation as well as what Silver Shield Services package will work best for you.