Establishing Wyoming Corporation

Simple: Let your Wyoming Registered Agent-Silver Shield Services, Inc., do it for you!! Honestly, many Wyoming Corporation or LLC registration “do-it-yourselfers” have found out the hard way that there is more involved to starting and Corporation or LLC in Wyoming than filing a form or two with the Secretary of State. Oftentimes they overlook necessary LLC formation, or Corporate formation forms, fees, and annual deadlines that delay or jeopardize their corporation status. Sometimes they don’t realize that a Wyoming Resident/Registered Agent is mandated by Wyoming State Law. We are registered Commercial Resident/Registered Agents with the Wyoming Secretary of State’s office. We have been LLC Registered Agents and/or Corporation Registered Agents doing the leg work of the incorporation process every day for years, for thousands of clients. We know the processes to incorporate in Wyoming, and know the people involved. We get it done right, the first time.

Transfer your existing Corporation or LLC to Wyoming

Any type of LLC or Corporation can transfer to Wyoming. It is a simple process which requires:

  • A corporate resolution
  • Certified copies of your Articles of Incorporation and any Amendments
  • Signed Continuation paperwork
  • Dissolution for your current state.

Benefits of transferring your current Corporation or LLC to Wyoming

  • Your yearly fee to the State of Wyoming will be $50.00 (instead of the fee you are paying your current state), assumming you have no assets located inside of the state.
  • Retain the original incorporation date of the company
  • Retain the same EIN or tax ID number
  • Do not have to move assets to a newly formed company which could cause federal taxes

The appeal of owning your own business and controlling your own destiny has led to millions of new small businesses being started every year in the US. While a large percentage of these start up businesses will fail within a year, there are also a considerable amount that begin to thrive and experience significant growth. If your start up business is at this stage of growth you probably have a lot of questions about where to go from here and you have a lot of important decisions to make. These decisions will ultimately be responsible for whether or not you continue to experience growth. One thing to consider is whether to form a Wyoming Corporation or Wyoming LLC for your business. For many small businesses forming Wyoming corporations is an appealing option, regardless of what state the business is physically located in. You can read more below about why Wyoming corporations offer benefits unattainable in other states as well as other advantages they provide.Hide

The rules governing corporations and LLCs share similarities from state to state, yet there are a few states that offer a much more business friendly environment. This is what makes it appealing to incorporate in Wyoming, which is one of the states offering many financial advantages and tax benefits to corporations in their state. Even if your operations are in another state you simply have to maintain a minimum presence in the state which you incorporate, which will be explained in further detail below. While you may be considering filing the necessary paperwork to incorporate in Wyoming, you may want to consult a business which handles this as the primary focus of their business.

You can find such a business at which is the website for Silver Shield Services. They help small business owners to establish and maintain Nevada & Wyoming corporations & LLC’s, regardless of the physical location of the business. By having Silver Shield Services handle all aspects of this process you do not have to worry about any problems arising when you are trying to incorporate in Wyoming. If you try to handle this on your own and you make a mistake during the process it can become quite costly and problematic. At Silver Shield Services they offer a variety of different service packages which range from the bare minimum of simply filing the incorporation paperwork to handling the incorporation and maintaining office space for your business.

If you have heard any of the recent news about the increase in number of Wyoming corporations than you are probably aware of why it is so appealing. When visiting the website above you can choose from filing for a C Corporation, S Corporation, or Limited Liability Corporation (LLC). Many small business owners find the LLC structure to be advantageous to their situations as it allows some of the financial benefits of a partnership but the limited liability of a corporation. Regardless of which structure you choose there are a number of services which you can take advantage of at the above website to help with this process. This will allow you to focus on the operations of your business and leave the technical corporate structure piece to Silver Shield Services. Be sure to visit the website above for more information on why Nevada corporations have become so popular and how you can benefit from this.