Good Standing Requirements Nevada Corporation or LLC

Nevada Corporation and LLC Requirements are Simple
Requirements to maintain a Nevada corporation/LLC in good standing are simple. 3 months prior to the anniversary date, the Secretary of State will provide us with notice of an annual list of officers/managers. All annual fees will be notified through Silver Shield Services, Inc. We, then, will file the necessary paperwork, along with the appropriate fees, and take care of everything for you… so you don’t have to!

The minimum annual fees for a Corporation are:
$  150.00  List of Officers/Directors filing fee*
500.00  Nevada State Business License
$   650.00  TOTAL

The annual fees for a LLC are:
$  150.00  List of Managers/Members
200.00  Nevada State Business License
$  350.00  TOTAL

If you do miss your renewal deadline the State does allow you to bring the current with a $175.00 late fee. Please try not to go beyond that time as then the State fees begin to pile up with an additional $300.00 reinstatement fees along with everything else you owe.

In our opinion, there are only two places to incorporate: Nevada and Wyoming. Many national companies such as Porsche North America, Citibank, and others have moved their corporation headquarters to Nevada. They have seen the benefits and taken advantage of them. There are many tax strategies and other ways to benefit from a Nevada corporation, too many to enumerate here.

* List of Officers filing fee depends upon how much stock you authorize and what value you place on it.