Why Incorporate in Wyoming

Wyoming state fees can be up to 92% less than Nevada’s! Required State Corporate Filing fees in Nevada are $75.00 for the Articles of Incorporation and a minimum of $150.00 per year for the List of Officers. Then add another $500.00 per year for the Nevada State Business License (corporations) or $200.00 (LLC’s). This means that your company will be paying a minimum of between $350.00 to $650.00 each year in fees to the Office of the Nevada Secretary of State. So which State is best for you? The answer to that question might center around how necessary or valuable a State Business License is to your company’s business activities. For many companies a State Business License is completely unnecessary. Wyoming has no business license fees or officer filing fees. Wyoming’s Articles of Incorporation filing fee is $100.00 (slightly higher than Nevada) but you only pay a $50.00 filing fee per year to the Office of the Wyoming Secretary of State. A minimum savings each year of between $300.00 (LLC’s) to $600.00 (Corporations) when compared to Nevada. According to the 2015 edition of the Tax Foundation’s State Business Tax Climate Index, “Wyoming has the most business-friendly tax system of any state,” for the past 7 years in a row.  And in 2020 Wyoming is still the #1 State. Perhaps you’re one of those who have read all the web sites that promote incorporating your business in Nevada. The reasons given usually are:
  • Nevada does not share information with the IRS. Wyoming Answer: Nevada makes the IRS mad. Wyoming does share information with the IRS, but only the information given by companies with real assets inside the state. So the IRS is not targeting you because you are in a non-friendly state (like they may in Nevada).
  • Nevada has privacy. Wyoming Answer: Go to the Secretary of State of Nevada’s web site and type in a person’s last name and/or first name. You will see a list of all companies that person is a part of in Nevada. Go to the Secretary of State of Wyoming’s website and you will find that the only way to search on a company is by company name. You cannot search using a person’s name.
  • No taxes in Nevada. Wyoming Answer: No state income taxes on people or companies in Wyoming and Wyoming is not considering any-, Nevada is. As of July of 2015 Nevada installed a corporate gross receipts tax (no deductions allowed), for corporation that make over one million in gross sales.
Additional Benefits of Incorporating in Wyoming
  • Wyoming law protects directors and officers from personal liability for acts committed on behalf of the corporation or by the corporation. Because jurisdiction for the corporation is in the state in which it is incorporated, this new law makes
  • Wyoming one of the preferred state in which to incorporate.
  • Wyoming has some of the most favorable corporate laws in the United States. It has some of the highest degree of privacy. While,
  • Nevada is the only state in the U.S. that does not share information with the Internal Revenue Service,
  • Wyoming does not have any information to share. You are only report what assets you have located in Wyoming.
  • As your Registered Agent in Wyoming you will have use of our address for filing your legal documents.
  • Anything outside of Wyoming is not reported.
Wyoming is one of the best state in which to incorporate, hands down. Wyoming has:
  • Officers/Directors cannot be held responsible for debts of the company
  • No “Business License”
  • No personal income tax
  • No corporate tax
  • No Franchise Tax or Gift Tax
  • No Business and Occupation Tax No Stock Transfer Tax
  • Nominal Annual Fees
  • Minimal Reporting and Disclosure Requirements
  • Law requires only one director (you can have a corporation with only one person involved)
  • Directors can change bylaws
  • No minimum capital is required
  • Only officers, directors, and resident agents are disclosed
  • Stock can be issued for anything of value
  • Additionally, neither stockholders, directors, nor officers need to live or hold meetings in Wyoming, or even be U.S. Citizens. Directors need not be Stockholders. Officers and directors of a Wyoming corporation can be protected from personal liability for lawful acts of the corporation. Wyoming corporations may purchase, hold, sell or transfer shares of its own stock. Wyoming corporations may issue stock for capital, services, personal property, or real estate, including leases and options. The directors may determine the value of any of these transactions, and their decisions are final.
As your Registered/Resident Agent in Wyoming we will guide your through the process of incorporating in Wyoming.