Nominee Officers in Nevada and Wyoming

Why use a Nominee Officer?

  • Nominee officers keep the owners and managers individual identities anonymous.
  • The only information filed with the Secretary of State is a list of officers.
  • Our Nominee Officer Service will provide you with the privacy you need while still giving you the control.

When to start using a Nominee Officer?

When you incorporate a List of Officers will be required.  We provide the Nominee Officers for your List of Officers. If someone looks up your company, your name will not appear when Nominee Officers are utilized. The Nominee Officers name appears!  You have maximum privacy!  When the nominee officer takes their position on the list they will give you resolutions that give you complete control of your company.  This is perfectly legal in both Nevada and Wyoming.  Let us repeat that – this is perfectly legal in both Nevada and Wyoming! 

We recommend utilizing a nominee officer from the start.  You can add a nominee at anytime but please remember that all past documents are obtainable from the Sec of State. With the Nevada Sec. of State you can look up officers but in many cases you will have to request copies of documents.  Wyoming Sec. of State makes theirs available when you do a search for the company.  It is hard to remain truly hidden if someone can obtain documents that show you were tied to this company at some point.

Unlike many other states neither Nevada nor Wyoming require an update with  the Sec. of State when you change officers or managers.  At one point a past Sec of State stated “we know that the officers of record are not the actual officers or owners of at least 50% of the companies”.  They know but they do not care.  And if they do not have the information that cannot give it out.

If you choose to use our officers, you will be required to sign an indemnity agreement.

Utilizing Nominee Officers with the Nevada Corporate Headquarters Package ensures the maximum protection from any potential problems.

To utilize Nominee Officers Silver Shield Services, Inc. must be the Nevada/Wyoming Registered Agent (aka Nevada Resident Agent) for the company.

The price for Nominee Officer Service is $300.00*

Additionally, if you want our officers to use their Social Security Numbers on the application for an Employer Identification Number (SS-4) with the I.R.S., there will be an extra charge of $100 (USD) over and above the Nominee Officer charge.

*This does not include the Secretary of State filing fee.  Nor does it include the required forms for the Nevada Department of Taxation.  Wyoming does not have any taxation forms to fill out.