Make it work for you Nevada

To gain the maximum benefit from your Nevada corporation, you need to treat it like a Nevada corporation. To prove you have a Nevada corporation for tax purposes or lawsuits, you need to establish a real corporate presence in Nevada. By establishing your corporate identity with our Junior or Senior Executive Services, you have justified your presence in Nevada — all real and above board. This also will help you judgement-proof your business in this ‘sue-happy’ society. Proof is absolutely necessary to take full use of the advantages offered by incorporating in Nevada.

Here are some suggestions as to what you need in your strategy to judgement-proof your business, eliminate state taxes, and serve your other purposes:

  • You need to have a business office and address in Nevada.
  • The corporation should have a Nevada bank account from which all bills are paid.
  • A business license issued by a Nevada city (Carson City in our case) reinforces the fact that you are indeed a legitimate business in Nevada.
  • Your corporation needs a telephone listing in the phone book with an office address to show that you are really a Nevada corporation doing business in Nevada.
  • Major service contracts, sales, purchases, and major business transaction and exchange of funds should be consummated, signed, notarized, and money exchanged at the Nevada office. All monies should be deposited into, or paid from, the Nevada bank account.
  • Your corporation should have people at the Nevada office. These people can answer the phone, receive and disburse mail, and handle anyone who may walk in from the street.
  • Our Nevada Headquarters Office Package will provide for all of the above needs. You will have an office, business license, bank account, staff, and a telephone in your name, all according to your instructions and needs.