Headquarters Office Package

Nevada Corporate Headquarters Office Package

Some new companies may not be ready to open their own office, so we offer our Nevada Corporate Headquarters Office Package.

A real office, not just a mail drop, contracted for and staffed. This is your office. The staff is your staff, without the headaches of payroll taxes.

Our Nevada Corporate Headquarters Office Package features:

  • You will have your own phone number with a private voice mail box. (not a shared number like many companies offer) Your phone will have your customized greeting in your voice (or someone else’s). Call in at any time to retrieve your messages.
    Voice mail notification. When someone leaves you a message on your voice mail you will be notified via a phone message or an email (your choice).
  • Your corporation will have a telephone number listed and published in the local telephone directories. When the next directory comes out, you will be listed as a business doing business in Nevada or Wyoming. This could be a very important point legally.
    Assistance in obtaining a business license at your Nevada address. (Please note that license fees vary and thus are not included in our price.).
  • We provide you with the forwarding of 15 pieces of incoming mail every month.
  • A contract verifying that your corporation maintains a real Nevada or Wyoming office.
  • One important feature to remember is that the Nevada/Wyoming Headquarters Office Package not only saves you money and is valuable but it is like an insurance policy. It provides everything that you need to prove that you are in fact operating in the State of Nevada. Even if you think you do not need the services at this time it is worth getting. Just like auto insurance-you hope that you will never need it but are thankful you have it when the unexpected happens.

Please note that our Initial Incorporation Service and Registered/Resident Agent service for either Nevada or Wyoming is separate from and not included with the Nevada Corporate Headquarters Office Package.

The price for Nevada Corporate Headquarters Office Package is $600.00/yr, $325.00/6 months or $75.00 monthly.