Setting up your Nevada corporation properly requires performing each step of the registration process accurately and paying the appropriate Nevada registration fees in a timely manner.

Formation Filing

First, you will file a formation document containing your Articles of Incorporation if you’re forming a regular corporation or an S corporation. You’ll need to file your Articles of Organization instead if you’re forming a Limited Liability Corporation.

Authorized Share Value

When you create a regular corporation or an S corporation, you must decide ahead of time how many shares of the business you will authorize. Authorized shares are issued to the company’s shareholders, making these shareholders the owners of the company. Each of those shares has a minimum value for which they can be sold; this is known as the par value. Setting a par value for your shares is optional.

Calculating the Fee

To calculate your Nevada corporation formation filing fee, you must first decide whether or not to assign a par value. If you assign a par value, then you will multiply the number of shares by their par value to determine the total Authorized Share Value. If you decide not to set a par value, then the Authorized Share Value is determined by multiplying the number of shares by $1. If you decide to have some shares with par value and some shares without, then calculate the Authorized Share Value of each type of share separately, and add the numbers together to reach your total. Once you’ve determined the total Authorized Share Value, use the following chart to determine the initial filing fee you must pay.

Authorized Share Value | Initial Formation Fee

  • $75,000 or under – $75
  • $75,001 to $300,000 – $175
  • $200,001 to $500,000 – $275
  • $500,001 to $1 million – $375

If your company’s total Authorized Share Value is over $1 million, then you’ll pay a filing fee of $375 for the first million and $275 for each additional $500,000 or fraction thereof with a maximum filing fee of $35,000.

Following payment of these fees is an Initial List fee of $150 to file the management of your company, a business license fee of $200 for an LLC, or $500 for a corporation and various ongoing maintenance fees. To navigate the tricky world of Nevada registration fees and other aspects of setting a corporation in Nevada, let Silver Shield Services be your guide.